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Queer doctor uses multiple urethral sounds and vibrators to make his male patients horny and finishes the job with his hands making them cum harder than ever before.
A bi-curious patient
Lying naked on my examination couch Michael confessed that he has always been bi-curious and that he really enjoyed feeling my fingers massage his cock and balls. He knew I was gay and was totally okay with it even admitting it was the main reason he chose me as his doctor. I used two different sounds for his examination, the second one just to make him horny because I really wanted to see him play with that beautiful cock of his and cum all over himself. What a day at Cock Sounding!

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Having tried cock sounding and probing these queer lads keep coming back for more cuz they know this sexy fetish doctor won’t let them go without a powerful orgasm.
Sharing the pleasure
It’s been some time since I last shared the sound with a patient and dropping my pants down to join this cute eager lad on the other end of the pleasure almost felt like the first time. He wasn’t shy at all urging me to drive a sound deeper in his urethra and letting me touch his cock as I adjusted the angle. He came hard almost as soon as we finished with a procedure giving me a few great close-ups of his well-satisfied cock and hot sticky cum dripping down his thighs at Cock Sounding.

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Queer college lads come in for a physical examination and end up completely naked taking some deep cock sounding and shooting cum all over gay doctor’s thin rubber gloves.
Doctor prescribes orgasm
College freshman Peter almost came when I touched his cock for the first time penetrating his narrow urethra with one of my metal sounds. This twink was moaning out loud on my examination couch and begging for me to keep going and asking for more internal masturbation with a special urethral vibrator. I couldn’t say NO to such a cute lad and gave his cock all the extra medical care it deserved sharing a sound with him and making his orgasm the most unforgettable one ever at Cock Sounding.

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Visit one of the world’s most depraved and skillful gay doctors to watch him probe his sexy patients’ cocks with long metal sounds and use masturbation as a special form of genital treatment.
Urethral sounding by exchange
Andrew is a first-year exchange student from across the ocean with no previous cock sounding experience whatsoever, so I had to be really careful, understanding and gentle with this cute straight lad. He said no man has ever touched his penis before, but my special vibrating urethra massage made him want more, so we ended up sharing my new shiny sound cock to cock and he came hard right in the middle of this internal masturbation procedure at Cock Sounding.

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A long metal sound driven deep into their urethras and gay doctor’s soft hands playing with their cocks and balls till they cum hard – that’s what eager college lads get in this private gay fetish clinic.
Internal masturbation for a jock
Being a college athlete Josh is not afraid of new challenges and going through a cock sounding procedure for the first time in his life sure was one. Lucky for him I know my way around cock in every sense possible and made sure the guy felt little to no pain and got all the pleasure he couldn’t even imagine from this kinky medical. Josh never tried urethra masturbation before and a thick vibrator inside of his cock made him cum like crazy, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be back soon for another procedure at Cock Sounding.

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Don’t miss a single moment of the most exciting cock sounding action captured up close and personal in the world’s most perverted gay clinic. Join today and get your access to hundreds of digital pics and hours of HQ videos with absolutely no limitations!
A cock of my dreams
Victor has one of the most beautiful hairy boners I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen hundreds of ’em given my profession and love for male body. It took me some persuasion to talk this guy into trying cock sounding and when I finally had him on my examination couch all naked and fully exposed I almost came right into my pants. A few sessions later Victor started enjoying the procedure so much that he even agreed to share the pleasure with me. It was simply unbelievable at Cock Sounding!

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This experienced gay doctor is always ready to help a cute patient with an internal genital examination. His skillful fingers make cock sounding so pleasant his patients end up getting extremely horny and blasting hot cum right on his rubber gloves.
Not strictly professional
How can you possibly remain strictly professional when a hot and completely naked patient starts flirting with you while you probe his cock with a long urethral sound? I almost jumped out of my uniform when he asked me if I wanted to join him for a double internal masturbation and we both enjoyed sharing the sound as much as we enjoyed touching and teasing one another. In the end, the guy got so horny that he even let me watch him play with his cock and cum all over himself at Cock Sounding. Wow!

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These college guys need to have their cocks checked and nobody does the procedure better than this hot and experienced gay doctor. No wonder they end up getting much more than they originally came for enjoying the most depraved and intimate physicals ever right in front of this medical perv’s camera.
Hairy cock sounding
I love hot guys with extremely hairy cocks and armpits and Jake has quite a bush down below. I couldn’t resist the temptation to run my fingers through his curly jungle and tease him a little more while giving him some deep urethral probing with a long metal sound. I could tell by the happy smile on his face that he enjoyed this special internal masturbation as much as I did and at the end of the session he even signed up for a prostate massage. Can’t wait for the next week at Cock Sounding!

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